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CJ korea express will advance to one of the top five logistics enterprises by establishing principle-based management and transparent governance structure.

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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
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CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.

Stock Status

Capital Fluctuations table
Date Contents Breakdown of the issued (reduced) stocks
Type of stocks No. of stocks Face value per share Issued price per share Remarks
2008.03.01 Execution of convertible right Common share 145,000 5,000 8,000 The 77th
2008.03.14 Paid-in capital increase Common share 24,000,000 5,000 171,000 Ratio of capital increase by 59.80%
2008.09.10 - Common share 42,070 5,000 5,000 Issuance of new shares by merging
2009.04.21 Paid-in capital reduction Common share 17,364,380 5,000 171,000 Ration of capital reduction by 43.22%